Sports – Athletes

Sports teams, gear, accessories, events, clubs, we have something for you: we sell products that are currently worn in : football helmets, lacrosse sticks,  golf events, baseball tournaments, fishing vests, martial arts gi, motorcycle jackets, tennis bags and rackets, jerseys, shoes and cleats, hats… and more.

Lapel Pins

Get inspired with different kinds of Pins: from Biker Pins or motorcycle jacket pins to the military ones


Custom metal medals ideal for any kind of tournament or contest. Air hockey players love them!

Embroidered Patches

Take a look at our custom sport patches and the possibilities that provides this type of patches.

Woven Patches

Learn the difference between emroidered and woven patches as well as the design options available.

PVC Patches

Take your business or uniform to another level using Custom Patches made out of a soft rubber material called Polyvinyl chloride

Custom Lacrosse Ball Stop

We sell logo printed lacrosse ball stops. Personalized Lacrosse ball stops are great for identifying your team’s stuff during tournaments.

Advantages of working with Linx Corp

  • Lowest Prices
  • Human to human customer service
  • Top Quality Guarantee
  • Free Quote
  • We provide a production sample for you to approve or correct before going into the full production process
  • Only 100 pieces minimum order!