College Lapel Pins

University, College, School & Academy Lapel Pins, Patches and Coins.

Promotional products are great for school spirit, brand recognition, award programs and more.
The favorites are lapel pins and patches. Students, teachers and administrative personnel can display their love and pride for their organization with a simple and classy accessory that can be worn in anything from shirts to jackets to hats and backpacks.
For more formal and elegant occasions, cufflinks and coins will surely represent your school in the right way.

lapel pin award

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins can also be used as a part of a recognition program, they are similar to custom challenge coins with much more design options.

jacksonville university cufflinks

Custom Cufflinks

A gorgeous and elegant way of doing branding, highly appreciated among their users. Graduates and professors especially love them.

yale school of management

PVC Labels

Outstanding universities departements as the Yale School of management use Soft Rubber Patches to identify jackets, snapbacks or backpacks as a part of their promotional campaign.

patch mccombs

Woven Patches

Discover the advantages of usign woven patches against the embroidered or PVC ones. Notice the high amount of details the threads can give.

national middle school patch

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches like this one are commonly were by students at middle and high schools all around the US, they are the most practical way foridentifying uniforms.

purdue university metal coin
Custom School Coins

Metal Coins

High school challenge coins, award coins, commemorative coins, military challenge coins, custom coins

Designing coins, pins, cufflinks and patches, is easy with us by your side. If you have already the design in vectors that’ll be perfect, just upload it when you fill our quote form. Otherwise if you only have an idea of what you want, feel free of uploading a couple of reference images or a hand made sketch and our designers will be glad of working with you hand to hand until you get what you want.

Every single type of promotional product is unique and allows different design options. For instance, on the one hand embroidered and woven patches can have an iron on backing but the PVC ones can’t. On the other hand Soft rubber PVC patches allow 2D and 3D layering options while the others don’t. Moreover, as we said before, coins and pins are very similar, they both offer the same materials, soft and hard enamel, recessed areas, die cut, and a number of finishes options. So we encourage you to navigate through each of them to discover how they differentiate from each other.

How to order?

Ordering custom products is quite easy with Linx Corp. The whole process can be divided in 3 single steps.

Step 1: Place your order

Before you place your order the first thing you want to do is to send us a quote request. Here you only need to fill out a simple quote form tottally free. Within 24 ours we will send your price quote for you to compare and decide. In the case you be fine with the cost, we will send you a link to a safe website for you to check out and place your order.

Step 2: Follow up approval

Afterwards we will send you an artwork sample for you to check and correct if necessary or to approve it if you think the art design is right. Later we will send you a photo of a real sample of your custom product via email which you will be able to correct or approve if fine. Only after you be happy with your product we will enter into the full production stage of the process.

Step 3: Delivery

We will deliver your order within 3 to 4 weeks after the request. We deliver in a timely manner. Turnaround time can varie according to the amount of pieces you be ordering or with the complexity of them.

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