Custom Logo Metal Keychains

Custom Made Metal Keychains

Keychains are great to promote your business. Our keychains are individually struck with your custom logo that provides exceptional detail and finished in two-tone gold, silver or antique finish. Up to two enamel colors can be added to your keychain at no additional charge.

Custom Shaped Keychains

Promotional metal keychains can be done with any shape. Years ago only circle, square and triangle were available. However, nowadays, thanks to molding, cast or die cut you can order them the shape you want, no matter how complex it be. Here you have some samples of custom die cut keychains to help you getting inspired.

custom-shaped-metal-keychains 9b
Custom Cut Keychains

See the clouds at the background? The screen printed technique allow us to reproduce high detailed design and a wide variety of colors.

custom shaped keychains
Custom Shape Keychains

A keychain can be seen as a magic totem or a good luck attractor, specially when it resembles a horseshoe! Getting to know your audience is key to engaing with them.

custom die cut metal keychains
Custom Die Cut Metal Keychain

A simple yet beautiful pink and silver diamond along with a Carabiner hook. The outcome is a mesmerizing and gorgeous item people will love to take out everywhere.

metal-keychain-bottle-operner (low, low)
Keychains designed with bottle opener

Adding a bottle opener to your promotional product will certainly give more value to your giveaway. This one was made for 7up as you can see big brands also trust in Linx Corp.

hot wheels-die-cut-keychain
Promotional metal keychains on sale

Another big brand who trust in our company! Hot Wheels marketing executives contacted us asking for custom logo metal keychains. The outcome was an outstanding professionally finished branding product.

Masterpiece decorative metallic keychain wholesale

It is more likely to find masterpieces in a museum or art gallery. Nonetheless, here you have a very complex piece of art nicely adapted to a key chain.

Enamel Keychains

How to order custom keychains wholesale?

To order customised metal keychains is super easy with us by your side. Just follow this simple 3 steps process:

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Step #1: Ordering your custom keychains.

Start by filling a simple web form with your projects details and key chain design. We will send you a free quote via email.

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Step #2: Approving your promotional items

You will be consulted on every step of the process. This way you will be able to correct or approve your artwork and real sample before getting into full production process.

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Step #3 Delivering wholesale metal keychains

We will deliver your order in a timely manner. Turnaround time varies depending on the complexity of your design and on the amount of items requested.

Your Partner From Start to Finish

We bring our professional design team with their experience and talent directly to you.

  • High Quality Metal Keychains.
  • We work for you. You approve your custom design every step of the way.
  • Peace of Mind. We are Based in the USA & Quality Assurance is our promise.
  • Quote sent to you for your project within 24 business hours
  • Proof within 24 business hours of receiving your art file or your requested design.
  • Factory Sample emailed to you within 5-10 business days of receiving your proof approval.
  • Your Keychains to you within 15-20 business days once you approve the final sample.

Looking To Get Some Custom Metal Keychains Made?

Our Expert Sales Reps will guide you through every step of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my design options?

Chains and rings apart, the design options are quite similar to those ones that we offer for our custom made lapel pins and other personalized metal products such as belt buckles as well. Regarding the material feel free of choosing among the following:
– Choose stainless steel if you want your keychain to be skin friendly (specially to suit allergic people).
Brass/bronze if you want your promotional item to feature a nice weigh and to better display lots of details.
– You will want to select Iron for a low weigh and less expensive keychain.
– Additionally we recommend you to use Aluminum only in the case you want to print a photo over your custom keychain because it supports colorful designs.

Another great design option for metal keychains in the finishes and plating.

We have 5 different types of coating or plating: black nickel, bronze, copper, silver and gold (24k is an option). Besides you can choose between sandblasted or antique finishes.

Regarding the types of key rings we offer you a set of different hook types:
– If you are looking for a stress free hook we recommend you Lobster clasp keychains,
– Nevertheless, the Oval hook is a more elegant solution,
– For a super easy way of grabbing your keys consider the C-hook,
– The Carabiner hook type is best for security,
– Despite all the options listed above, the simple classic split rings is still the prefered one among our customers.

And regarding the chain just request the number of links that suits you.

What are custom metal keychains for?

People use them mostly to promote their brands as a giveaway or reward at awareness or loyalty campaigns. Why? Because they have several advantages against other type of giveaways.

The main one is that, if people like them and use them, they will carry them everywhere, generating hundreds or even thousands of impressions.

They will recall your customers about your brand. They will get familiarized with your logo or name which is also refered to as recognition.

Marketers know that the more we see a brand or product the more likely we are to buy it.

Although we are at the digital age when everybody wants to buy and sell via the world wide web, where you can count every little impression, click and action within internet, where we are able to track the traffic, or precisely because of that, people value real and useful things more than ever.

Additionally, there is also a symbolic matter related to keychains. A key is a thing that open doors, open posibilities and there is a key for almost every thing in life: the key of success, the key of wealthness, the key of happiness, the key of friendship, the key of heaven and so on. If those are meanings related to keys, just imagine how many other contextual posibilities there can be for a key holder, the thing that help you find your keys!

What is the minimum order quantity?

The min. qty. is 100 pieces.

What other types of keychains do you offer?

We also offer silicone or vinyl keychains also known as Soft Rubber PVC Keychains.

Looking To Get Some Custom Metal Keychains Made?

Our Expert Sales Reps will guide you through every step of the process.