Recent Projects

1.75in Gold Coin

K9 Handler Coin


Very pleased with the quality of the product and the profession is mod the sales staff. Will definitely do business with you again!!”.
Shawn Naylor – k9 Handler Apparel.

Die-Struck Police Gold Mini Badge

Courtesy Police Badge


Not a police badge but a memento to thank those who have contributed to your Police Department.

Printed Lapel Pins

Charity Lapel Pin


An amazing printed lapel pin, with a custom shape made for the Ronald McDonald House of Charities in San Diego.

Center-fold Woven Labels

Logo + Care Labels


A great use of space in an always professional woven label: Your logo on the front and care instructions on the back.

PVC Patches

Flag Patch


One of the most popular designs: your logo on top of a US Flag. Add some hook and loop backing and done.

PVC Keychains

Fire Rescue Keychains


4 Color Soft PVC Keychains with one color printing in the back.

Commendation Bars

Printed Enamel Firefighter Citation Bars


Sometimes you only need 1 lapel pin, service bar, and we can accommodate you! How? We can print on hard enamel!

Award Rosette Ribbons

Rosette Ribbon Coin


This special Rosette Ribbon and Rosette Neck Sash had a unique gold coin type medallion in the center of each rosette.
The medallions are applied to the center of each Rosette and these Rosette Ribbons and Rosette Neck Sashes are presented to Friesian Horses in North America as they are inspected by the Dutch Inspectors at the local inspection sites.

Custom Made Printed Pins

Custom Printed Pins


A rectangular four-color-process printed lapel pin. .

Hard Enamel Pins

School Award Pins

School Award Pins

Hard enamel lapel pins. School Award.

Antique Copper Lapel Pins

Corporate Logo Pins


Who knew a coffee bean could look so stylish? These lapel pins turned our great!

Embroidered Patches

University Patches


An embroidered patch for the Nursing School of Texas/ 50% Coverage and merrow border.

Woven Patches

College Patches


A great clean-cut woven patch for the Tanglewood Academy.

PVC Labels + Adhesive

Lacrosse Ball Stops


A simple PVC patch or label can have many uses, just by changing the backing on it: add Hook and Loop for easy on and off applications, or adhesive backing for attaching them to hard surfaces.

PVC Labels

Clear PVC Labels


Great product turnout.. very nice detailing. Very personable design process. Victoria, who assisted me was very accessible and patient with me on getting my ideas across. [My PVC Label] Turned out perfect #vfv🚐 #LiVE💎

Custom Made Metal Charms

Custom Enamel Charms


A beautiful black nickel pendant charm made with white hard enamel color. Sheriff Lapel Pin

Embroidered Patches

Company Logo Patches


This 100% embroidered patch looks great, polyester threads give it lots of shine.

PVC Patches

Patches for News Station


Every outdoor jacket can be enhanced with PVC patches.

PVC Labels

Real Estate Logo


A great logo deserves a great product: PVC labels have this little sewing channel that will allow you to easily attach them to your jackets.

Lapel Pins

Bio-Techne Lapel Pins


A small but nice printed lapel pin. Blue and white are screen-printed into stainless steel, and a thin epoxy dome was added to protect it.

Metal Cufflinks

Silver Cufflinks + Presentation Box


What a great gift to honor employees for their service than some beautiful cuff links.

Army Veteran Clothing Label

Woven Damask Labels


The communication that takes place between both parties is extremely comforting. Feels as if your working directly with the owner. Customer service is excellent! Thank you.

Die-Struck Police Gold Mini Badge

Mini Badge – Sheriff


An amazing example of how detailed our craftsmanship can deliver to our customers’ projects.

PVC Patches

PVC Logo Patch


One of the most popular sizes: 3″x2″. Enough space for you company logo + Hook and Loop backing for easy of use.

Woven Patches

Private Patrol Badge


Laser cut woven badge for California Private Patrol.

Woven Labels

Labels for Bags


Woven label with no folds – straight cut. Labels are heat-cut to ensure they will not fray. This handbag or pocketbook label has a logo and company name.

Custom Charms

4-Color Screen Printed Charm


A beautiful heart-shaped 4-color printed charm, with gold plating.

Woven Labels

Corporate Logo Labels


This label was made for one of our most amazing customers. And we love making their clothing labels.