ems promotional items
EMS Promotional Items

Healthcare / Medical Companies

Your nurse staff, as well as your Emergency Medical Services, Paramedics need to be identified as a member of your team.
Promotional items also work great with employee appreciation programs.
From pins, to coins, patches, keychains and tags, we’ll make ordering your custom products an easy task.

Custom Products for your Medical Team

physical therapy woven labels

Woven Labels

Discover the advantages of choosign Custom Woven Labels to identify your custom EMS uniforms.

nursing embroidered patches

Embroidered Patches

Check out a Custom EMS Patches gallery and get inspired!

icare PVC labels

PVC Labels

Resistant yet flexible Clothes labels made out of soft rubber are ideal for outdoor garment or gear.

nursing lapel pins

EMS Lapel Pins

We service Pins for EMS with your custom design. Add Years of Service logo or name on to your healthcare pins

medical center woven patches

Woven Patches

Custom woven patches are prefered among medical EMS services. Learn more about them

With over 15 years selling promotional medical items, Linx Corp is one of the most authoritative suppliers on EMS Pins, healthcare lapel pins, paramedic collar pins, custom patches and labels among other medical promotional items of the highest quality.

Promotional Items for Your Nursing Program, or Your EMS team

EMS professionals are always looking for ways to promote their services and raise awareness about the important work they do. One way to do this is through the use of promotional items. ems promotional items can include anything from t-shirts and hats to keychains and magnets. These items can be given out at community events or used as part of a marketing campaign. Regardless of how they are used, ems promotional items are an effective way to promote the work of EMS professionals and raise awareness about the EMS industry.

There are many reasons why ems and healthcare providers might choose to use custom woven labels, embroidered patches, pvc labels, or pvc lapel pins. For one, these items can help to promote a medical practice or hospital. They can also be used to show support for a particular cause or campaign. Additionally, custom woven labels, embroidered patches, PVC labels, and PVC lapel pins can be used as a way to thank donors or volunteers. Whatever the reason, these items can be an excellent way to show support for ems and healthcare providers.

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