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Custom Police Badges

Custom Mini Badges

Antique and Sandblast custom Mini Badges are an excellent choice for a mini badge because they are manufactured in different styles to create contrast between the raised and recessed metal. Our creative graphic designers can help you find the artwork to match your needs and help you obtain the perfect badge for your Police Department.

Your Partner From Start to Finish

We bring our professional design team with their experience and talent directly to you.

  • High Quality Mini Police Badge Pins.
  • We work for you. You approve your custom design every step of the way.
  • Peace of Mind. We are Based in the USA & Quality Assurance is our promise.
  • Quote sent to you for your project within 24 business hours
  • Proof within 24 business hours of receiving your art file or your requested design.
  • Factory Sample emailed to you within 5-10 business days of receiving your proof approval.
  • Your Mini Shield Badge Pins to you within 15-20 business days once you approve the final sample.
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Police Badge Pins

Hard Enamel Mini Police Badge Pin – Officer Mini Badge Lapel Pin

Who Uses Mini Police Badges?

  • Custom badges, courtesy badges, custom mini badges, pin badges.
  • Federal, law enforcement, firefighter, sheriff badges, officer.
  • Badge wallets, mini shields badges, courtesy shield badges.
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Mini Police Badges

How Do We Make Our Badges?

  • Highest quality: Made with state of the art equipment your badge will have precise quality in its engraving.
  • Variety in Shapes: you can have your badge customized in any shape you desire.
  • All sizes: We can create both miniature police badges, and regular-sized badges. An ideal badge that will fit into a courtesy wallet will be a 1 ¼ – 1 ½ inch design.
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Police Badge Lapel Pins Backing

Let’s Create Your Custom Police Mini Badge!

Our Expert Sales Reps will guide you through every step of the process.

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Custom Metal Charms and Pendants

You can also choose to transform your miniature badges into a Custom Police Badge Charm or pendant. They are almost the same, allowing identical design options as any other lapel pin with the difference that badge pendants come with a ring and a chain in order to wear them hanging on your neck.

pvc police patches
Personalized Shield Badge

PVC Police Badges

Federal Law enforcement badges can also be made out of Soft Rubber PVC or polyvinyl chloride which is a material flexible and strong at a time. They are like patches that have to be sewn on to the cloth or attached using a hook and loop backing. PVC police patches not only allow any shape, color and size but also 2D and 3D layering options.

Custom mini badges
Custom Badge Pins

Custom Lapel Pins

Custom Police Pins are great for rewarding your officers outstanding performance. Custom Pins are often used a a part of a recognition program. In addition, the technique we work with makes possible any shape (die cut), and a number of finishes, coating, materials. Learn more about custom police lapel pins at How to make lapel pins.

Can anyone wear a law enforcement pin?

The law enforcement pin is a symbol that represents the values and ideals of law enforcement as a whole. While many people may assume that law enforcement pins are restricted to those in law enforcement positions, this is not true at all. In fact, anyone can wear these pins, regardless of their role or background.

Many people wear law enforcement pins as a way to show their appreciation and support for law enforcement officers and the important work that they do. Others wear law enforcement pins simply out of admiration for these brave individuals, recognizing the risks and challenges inherent in this line of work.

Whether you are an active law enforcement officer yourself or just someone who appreciates the important role that law enforcement plays in society, wearing a law enforcement pin is a meaningful way to show your respect and solidarity.

So why wait? If you believe in justice and equality for all, then don’t hesitate to wear your law enforcement pin with pride!

Who Uses Mini Police Badges?

Mini police badges are popular police pins that can be worn on uniforms, lanyards, or hats. They are a great way to show support for police officers and can also be used as a collectible item. Many people who wear mini police badges are police officers themselves, but they are also popular with family members of police officers and Police Academy graduates. In addition, many people who work in law enforcement or prison facilities also wear mini police badges. The badges are also popular with private security guards and military personnel. Whether you are looking for a police pin to wear or collect, mini police badges make a great choice.

Customer Reviews

  • Police Badge
    55 out of 5 stars
    "I loved the ease of ordering and the quality of the product"
  • Gold and Silver Police Badges
    55 out of 5 stars
    "We like them a lot. We thought the detail in the Army crest was going to be a little muddy but the detail was great!"
  • Police PVC Badge Patch
    55 out of 5 stars
    "The product made was excellent."