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For both the small and the big entrepreneur in the clothing and crafts industry, clothing labels can make your business grow and flourish, as a professional looking label, or a combination of them will say a lot about you.

Clothing Labels

Clothing Labels - Folds

Center Fold Your clothing label is folded in half. Think about the label on the inside of your t-shirt, with the logo on the front and care instructions on the back.

End Fold The left and right ends are tucked into the label, resulting in a finish look. They are sewn into these corners.

Straight Fold The clothing label is no folded. It can be sewn from in two or all sides. It works wonders for outsid labels, like in quilts, purses, bags, etc.

Mitre Fold The labels are folded in a 45 degree corner, resulting in a more elegant appearance.

Roll The labels are supplied to you in a continuous roll.

Clothing Labels

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We take great pride in our ability to transform your logo, insignia, or special artwork into woven labels that work with your product finishing that professional look.

Clothing Labels